The TRUTH about camping

Ahhh camping! A wonderful opportunity to live in the great outdoors, to wake up to the sounds of nature, with birdsong and the fresh smell of the trees; A time to be free from the pressures of daily life, without the noise of social media, television and the craziness of the rat race; A time for families to be united around a cosy camp the fire, snuggled up in blankets, drinking hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows and watching the sky for shooting stars‚Ķtogether. A camping holiday is a wonderful way to go on holiday, without spending unnecessary money on flights or…read more >

The Photo Bath

  We had moved into our house during a hot July, and after only a month in our "new" house - it was a Victorian semi in dire need of updating - I found myself with two small children, another one on the way, surrounded by the dust and debris of a loft conversion in progress, constantly hoovering and making cups of tea for (what felt like) an endless stream of builders, carpenters, plumb ers, plasterers and electricians. Not much has changed to be honest...the three children are taller than me now. I still have to hoover far too often,…read more >