Happy Birthday Hope Law…we’re growing up so fast!

Last month, we celebrated our 1st birthday. What a year it has been! We have learnt so much, worked so hard, made so many new friends and grown up a lot!

Celebrating birthdays are our thing. In fact, celebrating full-stop is our thing. We love nothing more than cake, balloons, music, presents and parties…and a bit more cake. It is always good to gather with some special people, eat some delicious food, dance a bit, laugh a lot and generally mark the passing of another year, a special achievement, or, indeed, the life of a special person. And, seeing as though it was our first birthday, that is exactly what we did! We held an open house on Saturday 28th September, with cake, music and friends old and new, and raised over £300 for our Charity of the Month, Hope at Home.


It is so good to celebrate, but we also like to reflect. As our children have got older, on the evening of their birthdays, after they have gone to bed, we have found ourselves reflecting…how have they changed? What have they learnt? What direction are they heading in? What are their character traits? Each year on our wedding anniversary, we reflect in a different way – How are we doing? Are we still in love with each other? Do we need to change anything? Have we spent enough time on building our relationship?

This kind of reflecting has been a feature of our days since our little Hope Law birthday party. We have realised that we have come far in a year. When we began Hope Law, we had no savings, no finance, no clients, no income. We were told that we would need £100,000 to start. Well, we didn’t have that. And it turned out that we didn’t need it. We were given a gift of £5,000. We registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, bought our PC, printer, logo, website, business cards, headed paper, folders, paper, company stamps (David got excited about those) hole punch and eyelets (David got REALLY excited about those) and then, we waited…We waited for the phone to ring.

At 9am on our first day, Monday 3rd September we sat in our dining room and prayed. We prayed for clients to call us. We prayed that we would make a difference. We prayed that we would have opportunities to comfort people in their grief. We prayed that we would build a good reputation. We prayed that we would do a really good job. And then…the phone rang…

It was my dad, doing a silly voice, pretending to be a client. I told him to stop holding up the line and hung up. And we waited…

Neither of us can actually remember the first email, the first Facebook enquiry, the first phone call. But they all came. And then more came. And more.

When we looked back on the statistics of the year, which would usually make me yawn (I’m not a numbers girl), we were amazed at how much work we had done, how many clients we had served, how many charities we had championed and how much money we had donated.

But there is so much more. We have changed as people. Our belief in what is possible has massively shifted. Not only have we survived, but we have thrived, and we now believe that the risk of following your dream is worth the fear, the anxiety, the danger. The hold that fear and anxiety have had on us has loosened as we have watched them be blown out of the water by little miracles, every day; new client instructions that come moments after a quickly whispered prayer; wonderfully encouraging emails from clients where we are thanked and complimented on our service, attention to detail and kind approach; quiet utterings of “You have made me feel so peaceful”, “I can sleep soundly now”, “The world should have more people like you two”, and “You have restored my faith in humanity”; thank you emails and letters from charities who have received our donations that assure us of the difference that will be made.

We have loved this year, but there is so much more for us to do. Watch this space for more of what makes us “a law firm with a difference”. We are so excited about the next year and the adventures to come.

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