New year, new decade, new resolutions

Happy New Year from us to you, from our family to your family! Christmas was busy here at Hope Law. Most of you know that we work from home, which means that family and work life often melts into one big pot, and this year we definitely found family life to be taking precedent over work. In December 2018, we hired a coach and took as many as our clients who were available off to Winchester Christmas Market. It was a food-filled, rain-drenched day, enjoyed by all and one that we definitely wanted to repeat.

But December 2019 was quite different. We DID spend some time at Winchester Christmas Market, but this time it was just the two of us and it was a stop-gap activity whilst our eldest child attended an interview at Winchester University. This interview was one of a few that found us travelling the length and breath of the UK during December. There’s no doubt at all that our cup was overflowing with stuff to get done this December, and not just with university visits, but also with the usual Christmas activities at our other two children’s school as well as our own beloved Advent activities and family gatherings. But we were also extremely busy professionally!

Life does not stop, just because it is Christmas. And particularly in our line of work and in our particular legal specialism, life really is the name of the game. Life and, unfortunately, death. As solicitors who specialise in Wills, Trusts, Probate and Powers of Attorney, we are constantly confronted with the reality that our lives are limited and our days are indeed numbered. We often meet clients who are writing their wills in anticipation of their imminent death. We also meet many people who have experienced recent bereavement. And far too often, we receive messages and phone calls informing us of the sad passing of a client. Christmas is, unfortunately, no exception.

This January already, we have received news of the very sad passing of two of our lovely clients over the Christmas and New Year period. What a privilege it was to meet both of those clients! It was wonderful to meet their families and to learn about their lives. What an inspiration to hear of wonderful holidays spent travelling, and lovely, funny family stories about their lives together. We always feel so very glad to meet so many kind, exciting and inspiring men and women in the process of our work. Hope Law was always designed to be all about really getting to know our clients, getting to know them, offering them support and hope, with the process of assisting them with their legal matter as a mere extra.

So, as many of us are making New Year’s resolutions, we have made one too. By the end of January, we will have launched our “Remembering Our Friends” page. Here, with the permission of their loved ones, we will remember and publicly honour the lives of our clients who have passed away. We are committed to promoting lives that are fully-lived and finished well, and we really look forward to honouring those who have done that very thing.

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