The Photo Bath


We had moved into our house during a hot July, and after only a month in our “new” house – it was a Victorian semi in dire need of updating – I found myself with two small children, another one on the way, surrounded by the dust and debris of a loft conversion in progress, constantly hoovering and making cups of tea for (what felt like) an endless stream of builders, carpenters, plumb ers, plasterers and electricians.

Not much has changed to be honest…the three children are taller than me now. I still have to hoover far too often, and the cups of tea are still being handed out to a myriad of tradesmen. The loft is fully converted – we added two bedrooms and a bathroom – but we have recently replaced our windows and doors to ensure greater security for setting up our own business. We have decorated our dining room and lounge so that we can welcome our clients into a cosy and comfortable environment, and replaced our years-old, hideous lounge carpet…the new one is so soft and pretty! We have also spent a considerable amount of time on our first floor bathroom….

The bathroom has been an on-going project for far too long. I’m a sucker for a bargain and I do enjoy a good browse around a charity shop, antique market or even a cosy evening spent swiping through eBay. Eight years ago I managed to find a very cool claw-foot bath for only £31…It needed a bit of a clean, but it was just the job. The problem was that we already had a bath in the bathroom, but it needed to be removed. Neither David or I claim to know anything at all when it comes to plumbing, and we simply could not afford to get a plumber in…so the new bath found its home…in our dining room….for a long time. It became quite the feature, and quite the conversation starter for any visitor that came. At our children’s birthday parties, it become The Photo Bath….friends would often sit in it – just for fun – when they waited for a cup of coffee. Yes, we became pretty well-known for having a random bath in our dining room.








One year, as Christmas approached, I could take it no longer. We asked a kind family member, who is exceedingly more practical than us, to help us to remove the old bath (which subsequently sat in our back garden for a few weeks, obviously), cap the pipes and place the new bath its new location….even if it was not actually functional, it meant that I didn’t need to explain its rather unusual previous location, and I could actually walk around my dining room table. And so, there, in the bathroom, the new bath sat; unplumbed, but fairly pretty. I cleaned it up, spray-painted the underside with a really cool textured stone-effect paint and bought some taps…which stayed in a box for a year.

Well, last week, something momentous happened…the new bath was finally plumbed in. Once the plumber had left, I cleaned my lovely “new” bath, filled it with bubbly hot water and climbed in. As I laid back in my luxurious, bubble-filled, sweet-smelling claw-foot bath, I breathed a deep sigh of…joy? Relief? Satisfaction? I don’t know, but whatever that sigh was, it quickly stopped when I noticed the wall that still needs painting, the backsplash that still needs tiling, the piping that needs hiding and the loo seat left up by one of the boys in my family….ah well, it’s not perfect, but we’re getting there!





This month, Hope Law is hoping to Make A Difference through supporting Toilet Twinning UK, an amazing charity who help to provide clean and safe toilets to families and individuals in the developing world. If you have the luxury of your own loo, or even the privilege of being able to update your bathroom or loo, why not contribute to someone else’s by twinning your toilet for only £60. Head over to our Making A Difference page for more details.

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