Happy Birthday Hope Law…we’re growing up so fast!

Last month, we celebrated our 1st birthday. What a year it has been! We have learnt so much, worked so hard, made so many new friends and grown up a lot! Celebrating birthdays are our thing. In fact, celebrating full-stop is our thing. We love nothing more than cake, balloons, music, presents and parties...and a bit more cake. It is always good to gather with some special people, eat some delicious food, dance a bit, laugh a lot and generally mark the passing of another year, a special achievement, or, indeed, the life of a special person. And, seeing as…read more >

Looking up

Who do you look up to? Perhaps you've always admired a certain celebrity, actor, artist or musician? Maybe your hero is a world-changing character from history, or it may be that your hero is someone closer to home. During my (almost) 42 years of life, I have met many men and women who I have admired, listened to an been influenced by. I have been greatly blessed to have been surrounded by a varied, lively and caring community from birth. I was the first baby born in my street. My parents moved into their little cul-de-sac in the Spring before…read more >

The Joys of Childhood

For most of us, when we look back on our childhood, we have great memories. We can look through our family photo albums, laugh at the silly clothes we wore, name old friends, remember birthday parties we went to and games we played. Most of us can switch on one of our favourite childhood films (mine is probably "Big" with Tom Hanks) and immediately, we feel 12 years old, and relax like we did during the school holidays. Or it might be that we decided to sample some sweets that we frequently enjoyed as a child - for me it…read more >

What makes us US

It would not be unreasonable for me to be accused of being sentimental. I love to look back on my childhood. It was mainly very happy - we all have difficult stuff that happens like friends moving away, grandparents dying, bad days when our friends suddenly don't seem to be in the mood to be as friendly as they were the day before - but yes, generally I had a very happy childhood. I remember playing at the top of the stairs while my mum mopped the front doorstep and listened to Jimmy Young on Radio 2. I remember my…read more >